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Exploit BREXIT

Paul B. Anthony

Licensed Real Estate Broker


President elect Trump’s newly appointed trade chief, Wilbur Ross, has said that BREXIT is “God-given opportunity” to take business away from the United Kingdom. It is! The UK government has no clear plan as to how it will exit the EU or the dire consequences of doing so. Inevitably there will be confusion as it may be several years before it is known what sort of relationship the UK will have with the EU. It may many more years before it is known whether the UK will be able to negotiate favourable trading relationship with the EU and rest of the world. The UK will not be allowed preferential treatment in trade negotiation and it will have to wait its turn to sit at many negotiating tables, including that of the United States.

A successful business needs a predictable a business climate. There will be none for at least several years  and may be the next decade. Companies will not hesitate to relocate elsewhere where they can continue to trade in the same way as they trade now. Some companies will fail. I would expect companies to consider, amongst other options,  moving to The Republic of Ireland, Germany, France and the United State of America.

Further complications can be anticipated with the Northern Ireland boarder that will possible be resolved by reconciliation between North and South, Scotland who do not want a divorce from Europe as do 48% of UK residents.

I am semi-retired (I am still licensed and in good standing with my professional bodies) and resident in the United Kingdom. Contact me if I can assist in these unpredictable times. I am also making arrangements to accept Bitcoin.




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